Meetup Speaker FAQ

Thank you very much again for agreeing to speak at the  Erlangen Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Meetup.

From its beginnings in April 2019, the Meetup has grown to almost 700 members.

We are looking forward to your talk! If you are like most speakers at the Meetup, you will find most of your questions answered in this FAQ page.


———❓🤔❓——— FAQ ———❓🤔❓


❓Is the meetup in English or in German?

Since our Meetup community is international and includes members of different nationalities whose first language is not German, all meetups & announcements are in English.


❓What’s going to happen before the meetup?

  1. Five days before the meetup, the organiser will post on social media channels to further raise awareness about the talk/meetup.
  2. One day before the meetup, the organiser will  send you the zoom link for the meetup. You will also receive a calendly link to schedule a time with the organiser to make sure the zoom link works.
  3. On the day of the meetup, you will meet with the organiser in the zoom room 15 minutes before the start of the meetup, to check one last time that everything is working.
  4. At the starting time, the organiser will admit everyone from the waiting room and the meetup will begin.


❓What’s going to happen at the meetup?

The meetup usually consists of four parts:

  1. Welcome: the organiser will welcome the speaker & all attendees. The organiser might share a personal story about why he is organising the meetup. Of course, the organiser will introduce the speaker. (5 minutes)
  2. Short interview with the speaker (10 – 15 minutes)
  3. Presentation by the speaker (40 – 45 minutes)
  4. Q&A (25 – 30 minutes)


❓Why is there an interview?

The interview lets you share some nuggets about your journey & motivations for the topic you will talk about. The interview was added to the meetup format in December 2019 and receive a lot of positive feedback. An example can be found here.

Speakers interviewed include

Hendrik Purwins, Accenture
Alexander Geibig, scoutbee GmbH
Muneer Ahmad & Steve Guhr, Netapp
Alexander Uhlig,
Michael Streit, Novartis
Daria Stepanova, Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence


❓Can I see the interview question beforehand? Can I opt out of the interview? 

Suggestions for the question will be sent to you before the interview. You can suggest changes & you can approve the final version.  Should you prefer not to be interviewed, you can of course opt out.


❓Where can I find presentations from other speakers?

You can find selected presentations on the slideshare channel


Why are you organising the Meetup?

I was born in Erlangen & grew up in the area. What I learned during that time set me up for many of the successes I had later. So the meetup is my way to give back to this region.

⬇ More in this video ⬇


How I can contact the organiser if I have more questions about the Meetup? 

The best way to contact the organiser is on Telegram.

Click on or search for alexanderlorz on Telegram. Otherwise please email